Welcome Gerald Chambers as our Featured Provider of November!

We’ve selected Gerald Chambers of sunny California to be our featured provider here on the Fireside Chat blog this month! Gerald is one of our newer thera-LINK customers and we wanted to feature him as we’ve been impressed with his ability to jump right in and learn the technology from the start. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Gerald and have appreciated his sense of humor along the way. He has definitely made us laugh over the last three months. Welcome, Gerald!

  • What is your name and the name of your practice? How long have you been in practice?
    Gerald B. Chambers, LMFT #100367
  • Gerald B. Chambers

    What do you do for fun? What hobbies do you do? Tell us about you outside of your “provider” role. 🙂
    I enjoy blogging, bicycle riding, and cooking.

  • Where do you practice (state, etc..) and what areas do you specialize in?
    I practice in California. I focus on domestic violence, substance use disorders, and relationship issues.
  • Why did you go into your profession?
    This profession chose me. I have always been the kind of person other people could turn to when they felt stressed.
  • What are you passionate about in your practice?
    I’m passionate about attachment theory, substance use disorders, and family violence. I’m also very pleased about marketing my online practice which allows me to serve my clients in the comfort of their own homes or where ever they feel most comfortable logging on. Tele-medicine is a game changer.
  • How long have you been doing online sessions with your clients?
    Approximately ninety days.
  • Why did you start using thera-LINK to see clients?
    About ninety days ago.
  • Do your clients find that online sessions offer them similar results as coming in to an office? Do they prefer online sessions or in office? Was it a difficult adjustment for them?Cooking I’m a little ahead of the curve. Most clients still prefer face to face office visits, until they try online sessions. I have a few clients with infants. Once they experienced no need for childcare they became believers. I notice my clients share more comfortably from home. The main obstacle is the login process.
  • What would you tell someone just starting out with an online option for their clients? Any tips/tricks or things you’ve learned along the way?
    If they bill their clients for no-shows, they will need a seperate way to bill the client. Market, market, market and be patient clients will come.
  • Where do you work from mostly? (i.e. home office, beach :), actual office where you see clients in person as well?)
    I’m 100 percent tele-medicine. I do not have an office. I work from home.
  • Did you purchase any new equipment when you embarked in an online practice? Either way, what do you use for your sessions? (i.e. laptop/tablet, webcam, headset, big monitor)
    I purchased an external mic, webcam, lights, and green screen. I use my laptop. Everything I purchased serves double duty because I produce YouTube videos for my marketing plan.
  • Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?
    ther-Link works fine for my practice. I’m a small high-end service with the ability to expand.

Learn more about Gerald or get in touch with him if you are interested here: Gerald's Profile